A mandated responsibility of providers as well as an essential component of supervised visitation. It begins the ongoing process of receiving and maintaining current and relevant information on the family. The intake interview is intended to create provider-client rapport that will help establish an enduring professional relationship.


The supervision of the transfer of child(ren) from one parent to the other. Supervision is limited to the exchange or transfer only with the remainder of the parent/child contact remaining unsupervised. Most frequently precautions are taken to assure that two parents or other individuals exchanging the child do not come into contact with one another


a) Detailed Observation Reports: A comprehensive account of events that took place between the non-custodial parent and child. It may also include an objective account of all behaviors and actions observed between the parent and child as they occur.

b) Summery Reports: Provides an overview of the interaction that took place between the parent and child during a supervised visit. The summary report is factual, objective and absent of any professional recommendations and opinions.

c) Incident Reports/Critical Incident Reports: is completed when a visit provider witnesses “potential harmful behavior exhibited by a parent or child either toward another client or program staff, during the supervised contact”


My Visitation Monitor Services will appear in court. We will review the case and prepare to answer questions about it. We will be thoroughly familiar with the facts of the case and the particulars of the testimony, especially any troublesome aspects. An outline of the history case will be prepared, including important dates and events. My Visitation Monitor Services will be confident, self-assured and professional. We will give a concise and true testimony on your behalf. Contact for rates 



A court ordered supervised visit to diminish visitation-related conflict between caregivers. My Visitation Monitor offers a safe, and protected environment for the non-custodial (NCP) parent and one or more children at a neutral location.  Days, times, and frequency of visits will be determined by the court order. A 2-hour minimum is required for all visitation services.