What are Supervised Visitations?


My Visitation Monitor provides court ordered Professional Supervised Monitored Visits and Exchanges between a non-custodial parent and one or more children in the presence of a neutral third person responsible for observing and seeking to ensure safety of those involved in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles.


Supervised Visits and Supervised Exchanges are designed to assure that a child can have safe contact with an absent parent without having to be put in the middle of the parents’ conflicts or other problems. It is a tool that can help families as they go through difficult and/or transitional times.


Some of the benefits for the various family members are as follows:


For the Children

• It allows the children to maintain a relationship with both of their parents something that is generally found to be an important factor in the positive adjustment to family dissolution.

• It allows them to anticipate the visits without the stress of worrying about what is going to happen and to enjoy themselves in safe, comfortable environment without having to be put in the middle of their parents’ conflict and/or other problems.


For the custodial parent:

• You do not have communicate or have contact with a person with whom you are in conflict or by whom you might be frightened or intimated. The arrangements can be made by My Visitation Monitor Services and there does not have to be contact before, during and after the visits.

• You can relax and feel comfortable allowing your child to have contact with the other parent and can get valuable time to yourself.


For the non-custodial parent:

• You can be sure that your contact with your child(ren) does not have to be interrupted regardless of any personal or interpersonal problems you may be having.

• If allegations have been made against you, which are often the case when supervision is ordered, you can visit without fear of any new accusations because there is someone present who can verify what happened during your time together. When using My Visitation services, you can also assured that the supervisors are neutral and objective.



About Miesha “Mai”


Mai has 10+ years’ experience in the Social Service field. She has worked closely with children, teens and young adults. She has worked in various placements with children on probation, and in foster care. She also understands a child’s emotional development and realizes it can be quite complex. Her specialty is working hands-on in support groups as a Case Manager. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from California State Northridge.

Mai not only has a passion and work experience in the field.  But, she can relate to the children whose parent has be supervised. Her mother lost custody of her and her siblings when she was very young. Mai’s fondest memories of her mother are visiting her in a rehabilitation center with a professional Monitor present.


Her expertise, relatable experience, and passion for keeping the families connected makes for an exceptional Professional Child Visitation Monitor.

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